PSA Conducts 2023 Updating of List of Establishments (ULE) with 2022 Census of Agriculture and Fisheries (CAF) as Rider

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Thursday, May 18, 2023

PSA RSSO 03 conducts the 2023 Updating of List of Establishments (ULE) from 02 May to 31 July 2023. This is in line with PSA's commitment to provide relevant and reliable statistics to its stakeholders as the said list will serve as the sampling frame for the establishment-based surveys conducted by the agency. Aside from this, it will also act as the direct source of statistics on the distribution, business births and deaths, demographic indicators such as the number of establishments and total employment by area and industry, and the information on micro, small, and medium enterprises based on total employment grouping.

The said undertaking dates back to 1961 with PSA's continuous efforts to construct and update the Statistical Business Register (SBR). It has transitioned from the traditional Pen-and-Paper Personal Interview (PAPI) method with the use of the printed Establishment Inquiry Forms to the utilization of other data collection methods such as Tablet-based ULE Application, online questionnaire or the fillable PDF which will be sent to the respondents via email.

This year's operation is special since the questionnaire for 2022 Census of Agriculture and Fisheries for Non-Households will also be distributed alongside with the 2023 ULE enumeration. Hired statistical researchers will do a door-to-door canvassing of establishments covering all barangays in the country. In addition, the physical location of the establishments will also be geotagged accordingly giving way to the possibility of generating maps with plotted establishment locators.