Volume of Corn Production in Central Luzon Second Quarter 2020

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Friday, August 14, 2020

Central Luzon’s Total Corn Production Declined by 9.4 Percent

Central Luzon was able to produce a total of 106,745 metric tons of corn during the second quarter of 2020.  However, it exhibited a decline of 11,112 metric tons compared to that of the same quarter in 2019.  Central Luzon’s corn production comprised 7.9 percent of the country’s total corn output of 1,352,563 metric tons. Cagayan Valley is still the top corn producer having 449,426 metric tons production of corn, contributing 33.2 percent to the country’s total corn production (see Figure 1 and Table 1).

The 9.4 percent decline in Central Luzon’s corn production could be attributed to the lower corn production in Aurora, Bulacan and Pampanga. On another note, Bataan, Nueva Ecija, Tarlac, and Zambales recorded higher corn production during the second quarter of 2020 with reference to the second quarter of 2019 (see Table 2).

About 87.7 percent of the total corn produced in Central Luzon in the second quarter of 2020 comprised of yellow corn, while the remaining12.3 percent were white corn (see Figure 2).

Yellow corn production decreased from 106,501 metric tons in the second quarter of 2019 to 93,585 metric tons in the second quarter of 2020.  Whereas, white corn production was posted at 13,159 metric tons, which was 1,803 metric tons higher than that of the second quarter of 2019 (see Figure 3).

Tarlac’s corn production was estimated at 67,965 metric tons, constituting 63.7 percent of the total corn production in Central Luzon.  This was followed by Nueva Ecija with 17,174 metric tons of corn (16.1 percent share).  Pampanga recorded a corn production of 12,397 metric tons (11.6 percent share). The combined harvests of Aurora, Bataan, Zambales and Bulacan is equivalent to 8.6 percent of Central Luzon’s total corn production (see Figure 4).







Estimates of volume of corn production are generated from the Quarterly Corn Production Survey (CPS) of which there are four survey rounds in a year, that is, January, April, July and October. 

The objective of the survey is to generate estimates on corn production.  The purpose of this survey is to provide data inputs for policy and programs on corn.  The reference and enumeration periods by survey round are as follows:

Definition of terms

Production – refers to the quantity produced and actually harvested during the reference period.  It includes those harvested but damaged, stolen, given away, consumed, given as harvester’s share, reserved, etc.  Production from seed growers is excluded from the survey.

White corn – type of corn used primarily for human consumption.

Yellow corn – used generally as feed grains.  It includes all types of corn other than white.