Special Releases for Crops Production

Central Luzon’s Other Crops Value and Volume of Production in 2019

Date of Release: 29 December 2020
Reference No. 2020-SRCrPS-2019-100

Central Luzon’s total value of other crops production was estimated at PhP 18.03 million in 2019. This translates to a growth of 4.38 percent as compared to that in 2018 (PhP 17.27 million). Fifteen out of the 20 highlighted other crops in the region posted increments in the value of production in 2019. Onion’s value of production went up to PhP 4.81 million in 2019 from PhP 3.68 million in 2018.  Read more...


Central Luzon’s Other Crops Volume of Production in 2018

Date of Release: 06 January 2020
Reference No. 2020-SRCrPS-2018-002

Central Luzon’s total volume of production of other crops was estimated at 1,430.87 thousand metric tons in 2018. It slightly dropped by 5.51 percent in 2018 as compared to that in 2017 (See Figure 1). The province of Tarlac remained to be the top contributor to the total production of other crops in the region accounting for 49.82 percent share followed by Nueva Ecija and Pampanga with 15.56 percent and 13.03 percent shares, respectively. Read more...