PSA Central Luzon’s Provincial Websites are Now Live

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Tuesday, May 31, 2022


In this digital era, the access to the worldwide web is considered to be a necessity that feeds mankind with vast and essential information. The transfer and access of information today becomes seamless, faster, and more accessible through the internet and wide array of applications available. Undoubtedly, these byproducts of digitalization enable the lives of human being to become far improved than it was years before. As part of PSA’s continuous efforts to digitize and streamline its services to the people, the establishment of official website is said to be a major chunk of this aspiration. PSA RSSO III formally launched the official PSA provincial websites of its seven provinces on 30 May 2021. In her message, OIC-RD Arlene M. Divino underscored the importance of having and maintaining provincial websites which will help the agency’s mandate to disseminate statistics and drum public awareness on the various services it provides to the people.

During the activity, the main parts and contents of the website starting from its landing page which contains the banner projects of the agency were discussed. Each website also features the recent results of the different surveys of PSA through special releases, press releases, and infographic   which are rich source of statistics.

It further serves as venue where career opportunities will be posted for future job seekers. It enables an inclusive participation of deserving and authorize bidders for the procurement activities of the agency. It will also be hosting backlinks of official statistics linked and maintained at the national website. Moreover, the website will serve as a tool to disseminate announcements on the services and undertakings of PSA. The provincial websites are being hosted by the regional office where users can directly access the landing pages.

CSS Maria Virginia Olveña of PSA Pampanga mentioned that this brand-new achievement is a reality of a dream which has long been envisioned during the time of the former National Statistics Office (NSO). She added that planning will become a lot easier since the access to data with provincial level disaggregation will be available in the respective provincial website.

According to OIC, SOCD Arlene Z. Torrico, this initiative is just a start of something big. Rest assured that the people behind this will continue working on the future developments and improvements of this project, she further added.