Pampanga Serbilis Outlet rose to 95.4% Overall Satisfaction Rating

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Thursday, January 28, 2021

Pampanga Serbilis Outlet’s Overall Satisfaction Rating of 95.4 percent for December 2020 increased by 4.3 percentage points as compared to that of the same quarter in 2019 with 91.10 percent. The satisfaction rating for “Empleyado” contributed the highest increase from 92.9 percent in December 2019 to 98.2 percent in December 2020. Increases were registered in “Alituntunin/Karatula”, “Lugar/Pasilidad” and “Serbisyo” from December 2019 to December 2020 with 3.6, 3.9 and 5.0 percentage points, respectively. (See figure 1).

Moreover, 77.3 percent of the clients said they were highly satisfied with the “employees’ overall services” followed by the “Alintuntunin/Karatula” with the second highest highly satisfied 74.0 percent rating.  The “Lugar/Pasilidad” and “Serbisyo”,recorded 71.7  percent and 48.0 percent respectively, with highly satisfied rating. The “Pangkalahatang Kasiyahan” was recorded at 46.7 percent in December 2020. (See figure 2).

Figure 3 shows the overall satisfaction rating of PSA Pampanga Serbilis Outlet Clients from Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS) rounds and the volume of transactions processed (Birth, Marriage, CENOMAR, Death, Unconverted Documents and Endorsements) from September 2018 to December 2020. The volume of transactions in December 2020 dropped to 121,873 processed documents from 182,136 in December 2019. The rating for December 2020 round (95.4 percent) though, was higher compared with the same period in 2019 having 91.1percent.

More than half of the clients were aware of the other ways in securing Civil Registry Documents (CRDocs). About eighty-four percent were aware about the services provided by SM Business Centers, 50.9 percent through the Local Government, 34.5 percent through the Internet and 23.6 percent through Telephone (See figure 4).

Below is the distribution of PSA customer respondents of the Customer Satisfaction Survey by demographic profile. Of the 150 respondents, 63.3 percent were women and 47.3 percent were employed. 52.0 percent have a college degree and most (81.3 percent) of the customers securing Civil Registry Documents (CRDocs) reside within the province of Pampanga.



The Customer Satisfaction Survey is regularly conducted every 2nd week of the 3rd month of the quarter to 150 clients who have availed of the frontline services within the premises of PSA Regional Office lll.

The survey is a Computer-Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI) where five (5) respondents are randomly selected per hour from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. or a total of 30 respondents per day for five (5) days.

Definition of terms

RESPONDENTS are individual clients who have availed of any frontline service of the PSA Serbilis Outlet.

The ARTA defines frontline service as: “the process or transaction between clients and government offices or agencies involving any application for any privilege, right, permit, reward, license, concession, or for any modification, renewal or extension of the enumerated applications and/or requests which are acted upon in the ordinary course of business of the office or agency concerned.”

CIVIL REGISTRY DOCUMENTS pertain to birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate, and Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR).

VOLUME OF TRANSACTIONS pertains to the total number of Civil Registry documents (Birth, Marriage, Death, CENOMAR and Endorsements) processed by the PSA Serbilis Outlet.


Table 1. Level of Satisfaction of Clients According to Category: Pampanga Serbilis Outlet, March 2018 to December 2020

Table 2. Level of Satisfaction of Clients According to Category: Pampanga Serbilis Outlet, December 2020

Table 3. Kaalaman sa Pagkuha ng Civil Registry Documents